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Bareh Droma

August 28, 2008

Kako Sanka – listen here

The litle hut



The Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries – Egyptian Ella

August 27, 2008

Listen here the version of Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries, an Austrian folk brass band with a Turkish singer, which integrates jazz and many musical styles mainly from southeastern Europe.

This song, composed by Walter Doyle, it was singed by many bands in the past. The first one was Ted Weems and his Orchestra. Doyle was a member of the Ted Weems Orchestra of renown and also sang the lyric’s on the Weems record Egyptian Ella.

Jack Hylton’s Orchestra:

Ted Lewis & His Nut Band:


Fanfara Ciocarlia – Addendum

August 26, 2008

Domnux forgot somethig. I can’t believe he did it, considering Fanfara Ciocarlia are icons for us….

Long live Zece Prajini


Fanfare Ciocarlia – Manea

August 25, 2008

A good example for thinking twice at the manele phenomenon. The interpretation is essential.

Links: Official page, MySpace, LastFM, Wikipedia.

Concha Buika

June 17, 2008

Play this song: Nostalgias.


Shantel – a German in search of his roots

June 16, 2008

This perfectly respectable German music producer came to Bucovina to find out about his roots and got himself a brand new style – a balkan fusion something. Anyway, it’s cute if you don’t know much about Romanian traditional music and what it’s all about.


Kaizers Orchestra

June 16, 2008

I recommend this band from Norway!

Bon fra helvete:

Kontroll Pa Kontinentet:


Kino/ Zdob si Zdub – Videli Noch

June 13, 2008

Kino – Videli Noch’

Zdob si Zdub – Videli Noch’



June 4, 2008

I discovered them on, almost 2 years ago, and now they are number one in my top played artists there.

When I listen to their music I feel like they aree my brothers and they sing about my home and I start to feel like missing it… maybe somewhere in Russia, even if I’ve never been there.

Songs: Telema, Bosonova Karen, Jelem (Romany anthem), Sare Patria, Shel Me Versty, Cherry Tree, Good Day, Gypsies, Gambrinus, The Angel Takes Off.



May 30, 2008

The group is formed by leading Hungarian musicians with Miczura in the front, which has an unique and unforgettable voice.