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World Premiere – Share the Night (Breakdown remix)

December 11, 2008

Metro Area’s predecessors



Salsoul Orchestra – Love Break

September 3, 2008

Classic disco track sampled in Madonna’s Vogue.

John Ozila – Funky Boogie

August 13, 2008

Rare gem

Louis La Roche – Do You Remember

August 7, 2008

Via ciuchka

LaRoche is only 17 years old and already on a quest to bring back the French touch.


July 31, 2008

Calatorie cosmica (Cosmic Travel)

Soare si foc (Sun and Fire)

Cheia Fa sau Sol (Fa or Sol key)

Romanticii (The Romantics) was a romanian band formed in the 60s with different members during the years. Mircea Dragan was the leader of the group. He was lucky enough to meet the “Sah mat” band, later on “Tinara Generatie” (The Young Generation) and to record with them the album “Soare si foc”. This recordings are significantly more pleasant to the ear than the ones before “Tinara Generatie”. Mircea Dragan was also a member of “Mondial“, a famous Romanian band active since 1966.

Links: a short biography, some samples, an romanian review.

Supersonic Electronic

July 17, 2008


I guess this guy must be Borat’s father :))


hope you will enjoy this as much as i did

Dutch Rhythm Combo – Bonaire (Blackjoy Rough Demo Mix)

July 17, 2008

Sebastian- Ross ross ross

July 10, 2008

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

July 10, 2008


June 27, 2008

this goes out to all the discorgy girls that fill our days and nights with beautiful music

Hercules and Love Affair – “Blind”

Hercules and Love Affair is a musical project from New York, New York based DJ Andy Butler. Members include Nomi, Kim Ann Foxman and Antony Hegarty (lead vocalist in Antony and the Johnsons). It is signed to DFA Records. Their single “Blind” was released on 3 March, 2008, and their debut album (produced by Butler and Tim Goldsworthy) was released on 10 March.

Web:  herculesandloveaffair, myspace