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Quixote – Before I started to dance

December 11, 2008

I first heard it in a mix by Prins Thomas


Badly Drawn Boy

September 12, 2008

I must admit that lately I have been like a music spounge and I absorbed all the information that is new for me…like this nice indie brit pop sound I began to like while hearing it at my colegue´s speakers (Silvia’s). I asked “who is this?” and here I am posting it for you too…enjoy the voice of Damon Gough…


September 12, 2008

The big discovery of the Sziget Festival 2007 was for me IAMX. Extraordinary voice of Chris Corner (British charming guy from former Sneaker Pimps)…perfect showman with the most dandy look I have seen in a long time…minha galera took our hands and said ”u have to see this”…we did and it was great!



September 9, 2008

“The Sound of the Urban Gypsies”-the new single from !Deladap and the precise description of their sound…The project started in 2001 when Stani Vana, an Czech producer formed a trio that later became an a seven member live ensemble. They are now in Vienna and touring a lot…try to see them live…special thanks to Mr. Sata who opened my ears to them…


Fujiya & Miyagi – Knickerbocker

August 28, 2008

This indie-disco gem goes like this:  ‘Vanilla, strawberry knickerbocker glory’ and ‘Lena Zavaroni’!

Myspace for Fujiya & Miyagi

The Dears

August 24, 2008

Whites only party

The death off all romance


Black Box Recorder – Child psychology

August 21, 2008

Black Box Recorder are a British pop/indie group. They debuted in 1998 with England Made Me, a collection of lyrically sophisticated pop tunes. Musically, the group are influenced by trip-hop, ambient music, and French electronic groups such as Air. However the lyrics to these lush and romantic melodies are frequently bleak, ironic or sarcastic.

Links: Official page, Unofficial page, MySpace, LastFM, Wikipedia.

Devendra Banhart – It’s what hippies have become

August 8, 2008

With a voice that reminds me of a nightingale on weed, Devendra Banhart is a Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter, folk, rock, new weird american, surreal, naturalist, that you just can’t miss and feel compelled to stare at. He’s got the 60′ written all over him and his music, but he has the great advantage of being in the same generation with some of the most incredible “indie, folky, naturalistic” artists of this work, with whom he actually collaborated on numerous occasions: Antony and the Jonsons, Coco Rosie only to name a few (this will please Picaturi). So here we go.

Mariuk also will be pleased due to Devendra’s duo with Gael Garcia Bernal

Carmensita – With Natalie Portman in a 70s like Bollywood movie

Quedate luna – My personal favorite


Vincent Gallo

August 6, 2008

Great Sicilian origin actor that you may see in Buffalo 66 or Brown Bunny, Vincent Gallo is also a music artist. He started his career with The Blue Mood, his first band and went on to Zephyr and so on. He directed and wrote the music for Buffalo 66 and made other great underground chilly-experimental-idm-trip-hop-abstract stuff. Worth finding more…unfortunately, youtube does not have more music related documents about Vincent Gallo…What you can hear is only a project, far from the real Vincent Gallo.



July 22, 2008


THE AMSTERDAMS is a romanian band. This is my favourite play from the album.


I saw them last friday @ Fabrica and i reaaally liked their londonish sound. Or maybe it was the free beer ..we’ll never know..