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Robots in disguise – Arguments

November 3, 2008

Robots in Disguise are an English electro band. The group is composed of Dee Plume (vocals, guitars), Sue Denim (vocals, bass), and a rolling live line-up of backing musicians. Robots in Disguise have released three studio albums: Robots in disguise (2001),┬á Get Rid! (2005), We’re in the music biz (2008). I love the sound of the two riot gurlz, hope you will like it too.



The sex has made me stupid


Official Site

For more from the two – check out more! ­čÖé


Shirley Bassey remixes

August 28, 2008

I heard some Shirley Bassey songs and I said to myself…I would like to say these words to somebody at my wedding…Welsh singer with totally unhappy relationships became famous when she was only 19 years old…her ‘little voice’ made her win lots of prises and to be in the tops…dimonds seem to be forever, just like her voice and her lyrics…live shows were full of her personal touch and deep emotions were transmitted to the public…modest but still always glamourous, she had the air of belonging to a magical world…

In 2001 a remix album with Shirley Bassey┬┤s songs made her enter the electronic life. Great artists remixed her songs like Propellerheads, Nightmares On Wax, Groove Armada and more…

The Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries – Egyptian Ella

August 27, 2008

Listen here the version of Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries, an Austrian folk brass band with a Turkish singer, which integrates jazz and many musical styles mainly from southeastern Europe.

This song, composed by Walter Doyle, it was singed by many bands in the past. The first one was Ted Weems and his Orchestra. Doyle was a member of the Ted Weems Orchestra of renown and also sang the lyric’s on the Weems record Egyptian Ella.

Jack Hylton’s Orchestra:

Ted Lewis & His Nut Band:


Gloomy Sunday -my side of the story

August 27, 2008

Mariuk and I discovered together the story of this song a few years ago on Discovery channel. We were hooked. After the show ended (it was about preconceptions and stupid traditions), we started digging on the Internet for all the cover versions. Among the approximate 90 existing, we settled for just a few.
I will let Domnux post la piece de resistence, as he is the one who discovered it.


Diamanda Galas – this one really freaks you out


Gloomy Sunday

August 27, 2008

Yes yes yes!!! My friends didn’t t post it yet!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely proud and honoured to present you one of our icons that make us smile when we hear it…not so many people know why…but for us this song is special…

Gloomy Sunday (from Hungarian Szomor├║ vas├írnap) was written by a Hungarian composer Rezs┼Ĺ Seress┬áin 1933, it soon created a myth that everybody who listen to it is tented to commit suicide. As the urban legend has it, people who were lost and had love problems were listening to┬áthe song┬áand then commited mass suicide by throwing themselves in the swallowing waters of the Danube.

Rezs┼Ĺ Seress┬áhas an interesting biography himself. He learned to play the piano all by himself, he was a surviver of the Holocaust (unlike his mother)┬áand he┬áeventually died by comiting suicide, jumping out of a window.

Gloomy Sunday can be found in thowsands of versions, but my favorite is the one performed by Billie Holiday…i urge my friends to complete this post with thir favorite versions of the song.


August 21, 2008

Mariza (born in 1973 in Mozambique) is a fado singer-songwriter on the World Connection label. She moved to Portugal when she was three, and was raised in one of the most traditional quarters of Lisbon, Mouraria – Alfama, where she learned how to sing fado. She has a Portuguese father but her mother is from Mozambique. Mariza is considered by many as a more contemporary follower of Am├ília Rodrigues, and has covered a number of her songs.



Black Box Recorder – Child psychology

August 21, 2008

Black Box Recorder are a British pop/indie group. They debuted in 1998 with England Made Me, a collection of lyrically sophisticated pop tunes. Musically, the group are influenced by trip-hop, ambient music, and French electronic groups such as Air. However the lyrics to these lush and romantic melodies are frequently bleak, ironic or sarcastic.

Links: Official page, Unofficial page, MySpace, LastFM, Wikipedia.


August 20, 2008

Today I am in the mood for a sound that can soothe my aches, and bossa seems to do it. C├ęU reminds me of the days when Brazilian music was the equivelant for music to make love to your old lady by (not in the Lovage way). She has a warm, gentle voice that matches perfectly the trippy, chilli sounds. Enjoy



3 na massa

August 20, 2008

Quando ouvi falar pela primeira vez deste projeto ÔÇť3 NA MASSAÔÇŁ desconfiei, franzi o cenho e achei que seria mais uma destas historias que come├žam, come├žam e come├žam sem nunca chegar de fato a lugar algum. Estava redondamente enganado (para a minha pr├│pria felicidade e de todos que por ventura venham a conhecer este ousado ├ílbum).

It doesn’t matter that I didn’t understand a thing. You must admit that Portuguese is the most beautiful language in the world, and even drug prescriptions can sound sexy and divine in this language. Imagine music in Portuguese. Better yet, 3 na massa:

More great music on Myspace

Verve remixes – Something old, something new and somethig blue

August 10, 2008

Since Settembrini opened the Pandora box with his post of Oscar Brown Jr., I’d like to share some of my ol’ time favorite tunes from the old days, refreshed by contemporary favorite artists.

Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix)

Sarah Vaughn (Gotan Project mix)