David Lynch


I don’t know why it didn’t come as a surprise to hear that Davin Lynch also does music. When you have this immense power that forces you to create, you only have to find some means to put that creation into whatever form it needs to reach the world.  This time, Lynch decided to use music. I don’t know how or if he put the idea into the actual musical notes, but his concept most certainly touched me.

This song is from the soundtrack of his 2006 movie: Inland Empire. I don’t know how many of you had recurring nightmares of the midget in Twin Peaks, but I am one of the people who were marked by that scene and the sight and sound of it still give me the creeps. This song is in tune with the atmosphere of all Lynch’s movies.

On the same note, I would like to present you a tune from the great Julee Cruise (the artist that sang on the Twin Peaks soundtrack). Floating is, as the name says, an eerie tune, great (or not) for any type of tripping experience.


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