A small announcement


I am very happy and proud to tell you that D I S C O R G Y now has a place of it’s own to promote good, quality music. We are responsible for creating the soundtrack for the perfect chill at Ramayana Cafe, in Bucharest, Baldovin Parcalabul no. 11.  After months of gathering hundreds of artists and thousands of songs, we have a perfect playlist for every moment of the day, and not to brag, but I think one of a kind in all Romania and, why not, the whole Europe.

So, if you are ever in Bucharest, come up and see us sometime at Ramayana.



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5 Responses to “A small announcement”

  1. earjob Says:

    “Entering Discorgy, you enter a very intimate realm. This is as close as you will get to discover whom we are, what represents us …”

    so much for intimacy 😉

  2. minha galera Says:

    Nooo. We are not on display there. Just the music 🙂

  3. earjob Says:

    Oh, my bad …’tho “So, if you are ever in Bucharest, come up and see us sometime at Ramayana.” is kinda misleading.

  4. domnux Says:

    Yes, is better sayed “Come up and hear the music we like”. Altrough… breakcore and noise will never be heared in this place. Maybe in the future some nice and warm club will allow also the other genres we promote. But is nice that we can promote neo-swing, electro bossa-nova, nuevo-tango, nu-jazz, trip-hop and dubstep in one single place.

  5. minha galera Says:

    Wait, wait.

    I remember why I used the phrase “Come up and see me sometime”, it’s from this movie with Mae West and Cark Glable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L0eJp7V2Zs
    It was a scandal at that time: a woman inviting a man to “see” her sometime…Hmmm.

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