Erik Sumo


Many artists who came to visit and concert in our country have made the mistake of saying: “Good evening Budapest”. The public would naturally disagree in any way possible as our capital is, even if no one cares, Bucharest. However, no matter how much I love my country, I must admit that Hungary is a much bigger landmark on the music map. Just take for example this artist here. I am fascinated and incredibly in love with what he’s doing.

Csillag vagy fecske

Friday I’ll be dead


My Rocky Mountain

This is where it began



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2 Responses to “Erik Sumo”

  1. ShugarD Says:

    If u like Erik sumo, u should maybe also check out Barabás Lőrinc Ecklectic and Sena. if u’d like something contact me, Cheers!

  2. eszti Says:

    funny thing you say artists often say budapest instead of bucharest. we see this the other way around: they say bucharest instead of budapest 🙂
    btw great choice of music!

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