Bareh Droma


Kako Sanka – listen here

The litle hut

Opai, Dad

Wings of the Peacock


I was searching this artist on the internet and i found something about him only at this blog: na Bula Bula com. Due that post: “The music of the Roma from Russia was so far locked for outstanding ones. The more than thousand-year old history of the Russian Roma opens these unusual CD. Originally originating from the northwest of India, the Roma to Central Asia and the Caucasus came – and in the long run, partially over the Balkans and Greece, in 17. Century to Russia. This history created a very own language, culture and a music naturally with the Russian Roma. Even traditional Russian songs transferred the Roma over several generations in their own style, their own language and their own melodischen structures. The sounds are not only of completely special charm and rhythm, the CD are at the same time a historical document and the receipt in recent time ever more strongly modern influences of a suspended culture.

You can buy or just play some samples from Asphalt-Tango Records. You can buy also the album from the russian site

Links: LastFM.


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3 Responses to “Bareh Droma”

  1. Gipsy dubstep « D I S C O R G Y Says:

    […] nice mix of “Wings of the peacock” (Bareh Droma) with “Rove” […]

  2. Miszka Says:

    Hello. I’m looking for this song text. Who will help me?

  3. Miszka Says:

    Oh, I mean “Dadyves”

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