Gloomy Sunday


Yes yes yes!!! My friends didn’t t post it yet!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely proud and honoured to present you one of our icons that make us smile when we hear it…not so many people know why…but for us this song is special…

Gloomy Sunday (from Hungarian Szomorú vasárnap) was written by a Hungarian composer Rezső Seress in 1933, it soon created a myth that everybody who listen to it is tented to commit suicide. As the urban legend has it, people who were lost and had love problems were listening to the song and then commited mass suicide by throwing themselves in the swallowing waters of the Danube.

Rezső Seress has an interesting biography himself. He learned to play the piano all by himself, he was a surviver of the Holocaust (unlike his mother) and he eventually died by comiting suicide, jumping out of a window.

Gloomy Sunday can be found in thowsands of versions, but my favorite is the one performed by Billie Holiday…i urge my friends to complete this post with thir favorite versions of the song.


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