Gloomy Sunday -my side of the story


Mariuk and I discovered together the story of this song a few years ago on Discovery channel. We were hooked. After the show ended (it was about preconceptions and stupid traditions), we started digging on the Internet for all the cover versions. Among the approximate 90 existing, we settled for just a few.
I will let Domnux post la piece de resistence, as he is the one who discovered it.


Diamanda Galas – this one really freaks you out

Portishead (they couldn’t have missed it, could they?) – Voice Sarah Mclaughlin; not Beth Gibbons, but still good

The original


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2 Responses to “Gloomy Sunday -my side of the story”

  1. mr.knives Says:

    gloomy is so corny!
    i am a x-christ too!but it’s so corny!
    elviv liyo manodoran ell dimmu borgir!

  2. asd Says:

    my friends are dead because they listened this song so pls dont try this at home and alone,,:(

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