Bajofondo/Luciano Supervielle


Bajofondo, is an Argentine-Uruguayan collective led by the two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning composer of Brokeback Mountain and Babel, Gustavo Santaolalla. As on their earlier recordings, “Mar Dulce” sees Bajofondo’s seven virtuosic musicians lead listeners through a sensual soundscape of tango, trip-hop, drum & bass and pop elements that redefine the essence of tango for the 21st century.

Bajofondo also includes one of my favorite electric tango musicians: Luciano Supervielle

Leonel el feo – This one is Supervielle’s

Mi Corazon



Ya no Duele (con Santullo)

El Anden con Mala Rodriguez

 Pa’ Bailar con Julieta Venegas

I fell in love with tango ever since I was little. Dancing around in high heels and roses over the ear was one of my favorite occupations. I grew with Carlos Gardel, Ástor Piazzolla, Cristian Vasile and Zavaidoc and thought for a long time that this was the only kind of music besides opera, and “muzica usoara” (light music). Growing up, I kept on listening to Gotan, even though on my other speakers I played Prodigy or God knows what other electro music. And then came along Gotan Project – a wonderful blend of some of my favorite things, followed by Frederico Aubele and Supervielle.



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