Burial – The Zorro of dubstep demasked


He came and swept the musical world off its feet, yet still remained anonymous. The Wire called his first homonym album, the Album of the year, while Mixmag placed Burial on the fifth place in its Album of the Year list. Untrue was released on November 5, 2007, with Metacritic awarding it album of the year.

I created this post, because a few days ago, Burial’s identity was made public for the first time – apparently, his Mum and friends call him William Bevan.


Thom Yorke ‘And It Rained All Night’ (Burial Remix)

Distant Lights

Ghost Hardware


Etched Headplate

Broken Home

Leaving the following message on his MySpace, Dubstep artist Bevan destroys myths that he might have been Norman Cook, Aphex Twin or laughably, Banksy:


for a while theres been some talk about who i am , but its not a big deal i wanted to be unknown because i just want it to be all about the tunes. over the last year the unknown thing become an issue so im not into it any more. im a lowkey person and i just want to make some tunes, nothing else. my names will bevan, im from south london, im keeping my head down and just going to finish my next album, theres going to be a 12″ maybe in the next few weeks too with 4 tunes. hope u like it, i’ll try put a tune up later

sorry for any rubbish tunes i made in the past, ill make up for it

a big big thank you to anyone who ever supported me, liked my tunes or sent me messages, it means the world to me

big up everyone, take care, will (burial)

Check his myspace to put a face on this mysterious character. (I have to say he qualifies for the tag “good looking musicians” :D)


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One Response to “Burial – The Zorro of dubstep demasked”

  1. VaultFM Says:

    does anyone else think that this is way too fast paced i know the genre but damn

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