Devendra Banhart – It’s what hippies have become


With a voice that reminds me of a nightingale on weed, Devendra Banhart is a Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter, folk, rock, new weird american, surreal, naturalist, that you just can’t miss and feel compelled to stare at. He’s got the 60′ written all over him and his music, but he has the great advantage of being in the same generation with some of the most incredible “indie, folky, naturalistic” artists of this work, with whom he actually collaborated on numerous occasions: Antony and the Jonsons, Coco Rosie only to name a few (this will please Picaturi). So here we go.

Mariuk also will be pleased due to Devendra’s duo with Gael Garcia Bernal

Carmensita – With Natalie Portman in a 70s like Bollywood movie

Quedate luna – My personal favorite

Spiralling (With Antony and the Johnosons)

Brazilian Sun (with Cocorosie)

A ribbon

Seahorse – A little bit of Doors and Stanglers

Summertime (this video shows why he is considered representative for the New Weird America genre)

Feel just like a child – Domnux might resonate with this song

Heard somebody say with Antony (from Antony and the Johnsons) as the Mother of the World 🙂

Cristobal With Gael Garcia Bernal

Don’t look back in anger (This song is from the Guilt By Association album on which some of the top indie artists cover their favorite guilty pleasure pop songs in their own unique way. )



For the real enthusiast of this genre, please see the documentary Eternal Children about all the representants of freak folk.


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