Les Triplettes de Belleville


One of the most captivating animations I have ever seen, Les triplettes de Belleville is the perfect example of how a parody must be made: subtle, leaving the audience to draw the conclusion. The first video portraits Les triplettes in their golden age (’30s) and also caricatures of Django Reinhardt, Glenn Gould, Josephine Baker, Yvette Horner, Charles de Gaulle and Fred Astaire.

Frog cooking

The film satirically pokes fun at national stereotypes and clichés foreigners spread about French and Americans. It laughs at the stereotypes of the French (for example their alleged obsession with the Tour de France, or their so-called fondness for eating frogs) and Americans (for example their alleged obesity and lewd manner). The film features almost no spoken dialogue, though some spoken words (such as Tour de France radio commentary by Robert Chapatte and a speech by Charles de Gaulle on evening TV) are included sporadically.

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