One down – a million others to see


So, we had a little class reunion tonight: 80% of the blog authors gathered to watch what I would call one of the greatest bands in the world: Massive Attack. I don’t know if the others share my opinion, but by the likes of their screams, I think they do. The sound was perfect, their interaction with the public also showed they had training, and the playlist was incredible.

The next song wasn’t in the concert, but it has something that reminds me of the days I used to listen to Karmacoma up to 20 times a day.

False Flags


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3 Responses to “One down – a million others to see”

  1. Maxwell Says:

    I dreamed once that I bore a child. It was part feline. And that was all that me from breaking it’s little neck. And stood here, by the docks, I wished I had stayed there. In dream, out of body; with all it’s needs. To eat, drink, fuck, smoke, shit, piss.

    Now I could toss it all into this foaming chasm.

  2. minha galera Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t quite get that….

  3. Richard Says:

    If there’s any Massive Attack fans here, please consider dropping into my new Massive Attack fansite for a visit:

    I have spent many months writing all the content and I just launched it last month. Among other things I am sharing roughly 50gb of Massive Attack live recordings both on Megaupload and on my own bittorrent tracker on my forum (also have a games arcade on there too).

    If you like my site please consider signing up on the forum.

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