Juliette and The Licks – Hot Kiss


Juliette and the Licks is an American rock band led by actress Juliette Lewis. She is one of my favorite women artists.
She is talented, energetic, she has a voice to kill and the looks to match it!
Juliette and the Licks released their first EP Like a Bolt of Lightning, in 2004, which was shortly followed by the release of their debut album You’re Speaking My Language.
Their second album Four on the Floor, was released in late 2006. “Hot Kiss” which was one of the Licks’ most successful singles, was the first release off of the album.

Hot Kiss

You’re Speaking my Language

Official Site

Sticky Honey

Shelter your Needs


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2 Responses to “Juliette and The Licks – Hot Kiss”

  1. Franceska Says:

    I had no idea that Juliette Lewis sings and I did not imagine it would be this good. Nice post Gorette thanks for pointing this out! ^^

  2. domnux Says:

    You can recognize Juliette Lewis’s voice also in The Prodigy’s hit Hot Ride .

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