Cibelle – Green Grass



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2 Responses to “Cibelle – Green Grass”

  1. earjob Says:

    Argh, grr, ugh! I can now truly feel minha gallera’s frustration to the sight of some former posts of mine. 😀
    Two weeks ago I was planning to post Cibelle. This Tom Waits poem, ‘Green grass’ was supposedly part of that plan as it is part of my soul since last year, the first time I heard Cibelle performing it. She really makes those words become touching, melodic poetry. In case you are wondering how Tom’s original version sounds like here’s the link (although the video sucks and is quite unrelated).
    Anyways this is a gem that should have surfaced and thanks to settembrini it did, against my procrastinator nature, my only critique being that I really believe that this is niether bossa nova or brazilian music …in fact, as it is written on her website: “Cibelle is a Brazilian artist who doesn’t play “Brazilian” music at all”.

  2. settembrini Says:

    I must admit that I hastily tagged Cibelle’s music as bossa nova. I’ve been listening to every song of her’s that’s been posted so far and I can wholeheartedly say I should have tagged her as a completely innovative artist. Car keys next to MPCs sound terribly good to me.

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