DJ Marky


For those who never had the ocasion to listen DJ Marky.

LK (with Stamina MC)

Open Your Eyes [of Snow Patrol] Remix (with Bungle)


DJ Marky is a brazilian drum and bass dj and producer. Together with DJ Patife, XRS Land and Drumagick brazilians are forging a new sound in drum and bass that has become popular around the world.

Back Like Dat [of Ghostface Killa] Remix (with Bungle)

No Time To Love (with Bungle)

Shame (with AI & Ben Westbeech)

According to Wikipedia:
“Regarded as a drum’n’bass innovator under the name Marky Mark and then just DJ Marky, he was brought to the attention of the global Drum and Bass scene by English DJ Bryan Gee, head of V Recordings, who saw Marky playing in a club in São Paulo in 1998. Amazed by Marky’s scratch skills, he invited the DJ to play in London. This experience would result in a residency at the club Movement, a subsequent residency at The End club, work for the UK’s BBC Radio 1, and global popularity.
Marky got started in drum’n’bass in 1992, choosing a more hardcore edge, but the small audiences nearly caused him to give up. At the time, he was told that that kind of music was for only a few. In 1997, he went to London and met DJ Hype and Goldie. The meeting with Bryan Gee was definitive for Marky’s conquering of England. In 1999, he was awarded “Best New DJ” by the British critics.”

Official page
MySpace page
Wikipedia page
Innerground Records
LastFM page


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One Response to “DJ Marky”

  1. Suffian Rahman Says:

    Thanks for the videos. Marky, if you’re reading this, come to Malaysia!

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