I know this guy personally and I can tell you that I am not subjective when I say that he really brought something new to the drum and bass music, even if he is more on the dark side.

Mental institution


Amulet Arena


Al Noptii Glas (with Emilia B)

Darkeast Cru Is Bugin You

A short biography:
C9H13NO3 aka Adrenaline was born at the foot of the mountain in the City of Sinaia, Romania. His first action as a music producer took place during high school when he was writing hip hop rhymes along with his friends, and they rapped on the home-made kitchen pot beats. The only drumandbass related influence at that time consisted of a jungle tape named “Narcotic jungle” which contains songs from artists such as Aphrodite, Dj Zinc, Dope Skillz, Freestylers, Sappo and Jungle Brothers. Later in 2001, during his first year of college, he produced hip hop tunes for his rhymes, but soon in 2002 he discovered some tracks which belonged to artists like Dillinja and Ed Rush, that contained the most perfect combination of sounds he has ever heard, and that made him start producing drum and bass music under the name “Digital Beats”. He got into DARKE*ST Kru in 2005, time when he played at his first gig named Substil III made by Tralala events & Darke*st. Later that year he changed his name to “C9H13NO3”, which is the chemical formula of the adrenaline. From that time he played next to djs and producers. In 2006 C9H13NO3 had the first release @ Darkland Recordings, followed in 2007 by a recruit session on Freak Rec by Dylan and Nanotek for the “Blood Worm” tune. In 2008 he signed up with Mindsaw Rec, Nightmare Rec, and Cyba Drum Rec.

Official page
MySpace page
LastFM page


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