One of the bigest mislabeled tracks around the world


The so famous now song Outside Kick Ass (Violin Solo) of Aphex Twin is actually To Forgive But Not Forget (Lim’Chol V’Lo Lishkoach) by Outside. The song was featured on Outside – The Rough And The Smooth (1997) and The Rebirth of Cool – Volume 6 (2000).

I didn’t know this until today when I was searching for more information on the internet. Thanks to the people who put there the information and thanks to the people who ask for more information. 🙂

More info:

Outside’s mastermind Matt Cooper collaborated with a multitude of musicians on several albums in the 1990s, starting yet another acid jazz group in the early ’90s and evolving into something much more than that by the decade’s end. However, despite Cooper’s resilience and prolific output, Outside never attained substantial success, remaining more of a cult phenomenon, recording most notably for Dorando Records (Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide).

Outside’s albums are: The Rough and the Smooth (1997), Discoveries (1997), Suspicious (1998), Out Of The Dark (2001).

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One Response to “One of the bigest mislabeled tracks around the world”

  1. minha galera Says:

    Ok, thanks for sorting out the mystery. This reminds me of the time I listened for years to Mandalay’s Empathy album thinking it was Portishead’s Pearl.

    I just thought that it was a more chill approach of the Bristol A team…a laid back album with a less powerful Beth… luckily youtube came along and shuttered my preconceptions and I can say that after that, I really liked Mandalay’s album, after detaching it from my expectations.

    Anyhow, this track remains awesome.

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