Roguish Armament


Roguish Armament remains even in our days an underground hip-hop band. There’s almost nothing on the net about them. I was playing for the first time an pre-recorded audio tape in the 90’s with this song: Circus of Mayhem.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Roguish Armament “New York’s hardest alternative hip-hop crew” is formed by G-Pace, Danny ILL-CHUCK, Chip-Love/ Hesher and Morgan Hariss. “An underground classic”.

Roguish Armament was at the opening act at Woodstock 1994.

Chip Wolfson aka Hesher a.k.a. WHISPER, the singer/songwriter for Roguish Armament, is also a painter and graffiti artist, an MTV-2 VJ, host of MTV’s reality show “I Bet You Will,” and a member of the legendary band Bad Brains. As a painter, he started tagging in Queens about 1980, had his first art show at “Downtown Beirut”, and was part of the 80’s emerging LES “neo-expressionist” movement. He exhibited for three years at the East Village Gallery.

G-PACE also was dj-ing for Bad Brains.

The members of Roguish Armament formed a short-lived band called “The Shining Path” with Maltby from Dog Eat Dog and with Daryl Jenifer from the Bad Brains (the american hardcore punk band formed in 1977, widely regarded as being among the pioneers of hardcore punk).

More on the Official page.


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3 Responses to “Roguish Armament”

  1. CHIP LOVE Says:


  2. nixloshier Says:

    just listening to their track “suggawalls” that i found on a promo sampler in my collection. nice.

  3. Rap Says:


    […]Roguish Armament « D I S C O R G Y[…]…

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