Troublemakers – Get Misunderstood


The Troublemakers, an innovative electro-fusion outfit from Marseilles (Fred Berthet, Arnaud Taillefer and DJ Oil), made their mark on the international music scene in 2000 with their acclaimed debut album “Doubts & Convictions.” Far from the flashy, in-your-face style of the “French Touch”, the Troublemakers sound revolves around subtle atmospheric mixes that transport listeners into a cinematographic universe strongly coloured by 70’s influences. The Troublemakers have established themselves as the inventors of a new genre, poised at the crossroads of music and film. “Express Way” is a multi-sensorial experience to be savoured with the eyes as well as the ears! (Entire biography here).

Each musician has individual experiences as well: DJ Oil, a mainstay within the jungle scene in Marseille, has been perfecting his funkadelic grooves since the early ’90s and has held a residency at the famed Radio Grenouille since 1996. Taillefer preferred photography, graphic design, and movie soundtracks, aside from tackling music full-time, and Berthet, who is a Parisian DJ, issued several releases during the ’90s while working with worldbeat music.

More clips:

Black City

Too Old To Die

MySpace page
LastFM page
Wikipedia page
DJ Oil MySpace page


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