Asa – Jailer


A young Nigerian singer by the name of Asa (pronounced Asha) is currently causing a stir with a debut album called Naïve. Asa’s subtle mix of soul, folk and pop, cleverly interwoven with her African roots has already gained attention. Featuring impeccable percussion, a funky Hammond organ, reggae-infused bass and contributions from celebrity flautist Magic Malik, Asa’s debut album contains two stand-out tracks: Jailer, a song about “the irony of oppression, not just political or racial oppression, but the kind that operates in everyday life” and Fire on the mountain.
Asa’s singing is deep and beautiful! She is a rising star and I love her!


Fire on the mountain

Official Site


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2 Responses to “Asa – Jailer”

  1. SIBERDA Says:

    Asa is the most Outstanding and most Imppressing African Musician I have seen in My entire life.She’s certainly going to replace Miriam Makeba “Mama Africa”.It’s just about her Peculiarity in Style but the Didactic words and Idiomatic expressions of her lyrics.
    I Recognise her as The Wise and Awesome Asa.

  2. SIBERDA Says:

    I think uprising african musician should take after because she is an Undeniable Model to Every wise and approving individual.
    God Bless You Asa,You don’t just know the Impact,that you are laying Universally.

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