Wiley – the godfather of grime


Wiley (a.k.a Eskiboy), is a British grime mc and active producer from Bow, East London. In the scene is one of the best. For those who don’t know, grime is a sub-genre of urban music which first emerged in London, England in the early 2000’s, primarily a development of UK garage, dancehall, drum and bass and hip hop. Grime is sometimes associated with dubstep, a similar but largely instrumental genre which also evolved from the early 2000’s UK garage scene.

Wot U Call It

Grime Kid

Baby Girl

Local Lad


I Was Lost

Johnny was a bad boy

Bow E3


Bad Em Up (with JME)

No Qualms (with JME)

Fuckin’ Widda Team (with Skepta, Ghetto, Kano, & Scorch)

Freestyle on Westwood’s show at BBC Radio 1

Freestyle battle:

[later edit]: Thank you Gorette! I almost forgot about their project Roll Deep. Wiley has mentored, among others, the grime musician Dizzee Rascal. However, Wiley says that he has gained as much from Dizzee as Dizzee has from him, helping Wiley to expand his horizons. Wiley said, “I got energy from him. When he was growing up listening to me it was vice versa.” Wiley and Dizzee have collaborated in some of their musical productions as well, including Run the Road, a series of compilations documenting the industry and energy of the grime genre. Wiley has previously made it clear that he would never change his origin to break into the mainstream. It is thought however, that Wiley has in fact changed his style with the more commercial sound associated with the song Wearing My Rolex, which has become very popular in the mainstream.

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MySpace page
Wikipedia page
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  1. The Bug « D I S C O R G Y Says:

    […] Featuring Killa P and Flow Dan from Roll Deep (the group of Wiley and Dizee Rascal) “Skeng” is surely the most succinct, no nonesense low-end rumble from […]

  2. James Berndt Says:

    Whoa ! That may be one Amazing Page ! Many thanks A lot, When i just Saved like a favorite your site, Hope that you’ll construct extra material this way.

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