Cinema Strange


One of my favourites gothic bands.

Intermezzo Bright Violet Euphoria

Greensward Grey

En hiver

Catacombs Kittens

The red and Silver Fantastique

Cinema Strange is an American death rock group based in Los Angeles, California. Their performances also incorporate film, dance, and visual art. Their music, while originating humbly in 1994 as a high-tempo post-punk expression, has evolved into a bizarre and exciting species of musical storytelling, breaking new ground.

Official page
Cinema Stange’s MySpace page
Deadfly Ensemble’s MySpace page


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One Response to “Cinema Strange”

  1. minha galera Says:

    No matter what you say, I still think En Hiver is the best.

    Cinema Strange – En hiver

    I love to hate you! I am in winter. Frostbite hath claimed me, I succumb to numbness!

    Freezing men don’t laugh at murder! …Bleeding naked in the bathtub! Open windows tempt the savory! Women’s heads float just as easily!

    Within the confines of crystal, reflected is my loathing! Under ice and still, chill waters fish bite stiff men and children!

    In the fog, in the woods, at midnight, in a land where it’s always winter, I cut the thin skin of my ankles and the wind follows me like army. Lashing like a bullwhip in the arctic, I fling icicles like bee-sting! Stuck under glass, in the sphere, in the snowstorm, I shut my eyes and sleep in sleet!

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