A Silver Mt. Zion


If you listen, please listen the entire song:

Broken Chords Can Sing a Little

This song is incredible beautiful by simplicity and perfection. It is pure, is passionate, is empty, is full, is down, is up, is gorgeous, is nervous, is here, is there, is in you, is near you… It takes you far away from the superficiality and brings you more close to the meaningful things…

A Silver Mt. Zion is a post-rock band formed in 1999 by “Godspeed You! Black Emperor” musicians.
The band’s current name is “Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band”, a name the group seem to have stuck with for their past two long-play releases. They are also known as “A Silver Mt. Zion”, “Thee Silver Mountain Reveries” and “The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band with Choir”.
The band’s influences include free jazz, community sight-singing, minimalism and american folkways – still anchored to a punk-rock take on neo-classical and modern music tropes.

More songs:

Stumble then Rise on Some Awkward Morning

13 Angels Standing Guard ’round the Side of Your Bed

Microphones In The Trees

Official page
MySpace page


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