Cypress Hill – famous but with class


Who doesn’t remember Throw Your Hands In the Air or Insane In The Brain or Tequila Sunrise?! Maybe the kids…
From childhood, Cypress Hill had a great influence on my taste for dark hip-hop, the one with jazzy abstract sounds in the background. Temple of Boom is one of the best albums in this direction.
It’s good to know that the band was the first Latino group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums. The band was originally called DVX. DJ Muggs is the one who produce and scratch all that great sounds in the background, the same for House of Pain, Tricky, Funkdoobiest, Ice Cube, GZA and many others.


Stoned Raiders:


Boom Biddy Bye Bye (i prefer this original version):

Everybody Must Get Stoned:


Stricktly Hip Hop:

Funk Freakers:

Make A Move (Pulp Fiction soundtrack):

More clips: Hand on the Pump, The Phuncky Feel One, How I Could Just Kill A Man, Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk, Latin Lingo, When The Ship Goes Down, I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That, Dr. Greenthumb, No Entiendes La Onda, Rock Superstar, Can’t Get The Best Of Me, Trouble, Puppet Master (with Dr. DRE), I Wanna Get High, Child of the Wild West (with Roni Size).

Official page
MySpace page
Sony Music’s page
Soul Assasins page
DJ Muggs official page
DJ Muggs MySpace page


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