MGMT- time to pretend


MGMT (formerly known as The Management) is an American musical group based in Brooklyn, New York consisting of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. They formed the band while attending Wesleyan University during their freshman year in December 2002. “We weren’t trying to start a band,” remarked Goldwasser. “We were just hanging out, showing each other music that we liked.” On November 14, 2007 Rolling Stone pegged MGMT as a top 10 “Artist to Watch” in 2008. The band was recently named 9th in the BBC’s Sound of 2008 top 10 poll.


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    […] heard it on the radio, the other day [later edit: …and I wish I could say it reminded me of THIS post, but it did not. Sorry picaturi, it was unintended but it was my bad! The song stays ‘tho, […]

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