Kaizers Orchestra


I recommend this band from Norway!

Bon fra helvete:

Kontroll Pa Kontinentet:

Kaizers Orchestra is an alternative rock group, formed in Norway in 2000. The sextet is well known for their energetic live shows, the interlocking stories found in their lyrics, about the mafia, war, underground resistance groups and mental institutions, as well as their trademark 1940 gas mask. Kaizers Orchestra are notable for being among the first Norwegian bands or artists singing in their native language to become popular in non-Scandinavian Europe. The band explore many different genres of music, the most prominent being gypsy-punk and balkan brass.

Enden Av November:

Bak et Halleluja:


Ompa Til Du Dor:

Evig Pint:

Mann mot mann:

Kontroll Pa Kontinentet (clip):




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2 Responses to “Kaizers Orchestra”

  1. Gak Says:

    whahahahahah, you used my Bønn fra helvete video!!!

  2. Egor Letov Says:

    Tchkung! – Incite: Soundtrack for Post-World Insurrection
    Smash Things Up! These guys became well-known for the conclusions of their shows, which occasionally ended in police raids & riots. They ended up forming The Infernal Noise Brigade who took things ten steps further. Do yourself a favour and check them out.

    Di Nigunim – Balagan!
    With song titles like Fascist Degradation and Solidarity these gypsy punk pioneers have played protest shows at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as well as along the US/Mexican border. Have violins, accordions and cymbaloms ever screamed for revolution this loud?

    Blackbird Raum – Swidden
    These guys bring together rhythms of olde-tyme music with lyrics that reflects the sense of impending collapse of the current civilization that pervades much of green anarchist culture in modern times as well as criticizing the human and environmental destruction caused by the current civilization.

    See ya!

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