Sonny J – Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)


Sonny J is a mysterious phenomenon from Liverpool, England and nobody seems to know who the person behind this act is.

On the official page we find this:
Late Summer 2007 and the charts are cluttered up with gloomy indie bands and stage-school kids. Yep. And the Pope is still a catholic, and bears do indeed shit in the woods.
Sonny J arrives to gatecrash what, let’s face it, is a pretty dismal party. You may not know the boy yet, but be patient children for he comes bearing gifts, the first of which comes in the shape of debut single “Can’t Stop Moving”; a sonic smash n grab more infectious than the ebola virus and twice as dangerous for the dullards currently dominating the nation’s airwaves. CSM is a one part Sly Stone, two tablespoons Opportunity Knocks, with a pinch of The Avalanches thrown in for good measure.
But there’s more ladies and gentlemen, much more to Sonny’s debut album Disastro. You’ll hear snippets from the Rockford Files, pieces of cod astrology, end of pier northern cabaret,mix n matching the likes of The Hues Corporation, The Stooges, Mellow Gold era Beck and Indian B Movie soundtracks; often in the same tune.It veers between trashy, fucked up, and addctive to melancholic and affecting without missing a beat…

More clips:

Enfant Terrible

Can’t Stop Moving!

Official site:
MySpace page:


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