I know a lot of good people who don’t like too much this band and i can’t understand why… Maybe because they don’t listen the right songs. I recognise that i dont like all their songs, but what i like from them is in my top list. And these songs make me believe that Tom Barman is a genius.

Nothing Really Ends:


Fell Off The Floor, Man:

Theme of Turnpike:

Suds & Soda:

Little Arithmetics:

Sister Dew:

Bad Timing:

Tom Barman founded in 1989 dEUS, an alternative/experimental rock band who incorporate a wide variety of styles into their work. They have become one of the most successful (and influential) Belgian rock bands ever.

Tom Barman also formed Magnus, a collaborative dance/pop project with techno producer CJ Bolland.
Tom Barman is also a film director (Any Way The Wind Blows, Turnpike)

Oficial site:


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One Response to “dEUS”

  1. aharoni Says:

    Thanks for the excellent video.

    Roses brought up beautiful nostalgia. I know that song so well. I was 16 once …

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