Ladies and gentlemen: edIT


One of the best dj and producer of the glitch-hop genre.

Straight Heat:

edIT began his music career as The Con Artist. edIT is most known for his collaborative work with other DJ’s and musical artists. He is an old college friend of electronic artist Daedelus. In addition to his friends in The Glitch Mob, edIT has also worked with and produced albums for many popular electronica and hip-hop artists.

More songs: Battling Go Go Yubari, Ants (crying over pros for no reason, LTPL.


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2 Responses to “Ladies and gentlemen: edIT”

  1. Zach Says:

    Thats some real fresh work man. I’m really feelin the heavy violin parts, strangely enough it still keeps an urban grove. Ya should check out LMFAO, they are trying to create their own sound as well…

    keep up the solid work and hit me up with a review or some input on what you think.

  2. PSS Says:

    If your into edIT, check out Cacheflowe. He’s one of the better IDM/Glitch-hop Artist’s out there.

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