Justice – Stress (the controversed video clip)


The video clip for Stress was boycotted by several TV-stations for being “racist”, so the band dumped the video on YouTube where it was seen by 14,000 people within 24 hours after having been posted on 1 May 2008. The video soon garnered much attention in the French and international press. The music video features a group of young men, a number of whom are black, committing acts of vandalism, battery, and destruction of property while wearing matching jackets with the album cover art on the back.

You can see the full clip at a higher quality here.

Justice is a French electronic music duo. They first came to prominence through their 2003 remix of Simian’s track Never Be Alone, created for a Paris college radio station’s remix contest. Justice’s first solo single, Waters of Nazareth, was released in 2005. Their debut album, titled †, was released in 2007.

Justice is known for their blend of rock music and Electro house. Their music uses a heavy amount of synthesizers, often focusing on the bass sounds. They also use vocals for some of their songs, almost using them as instruments of their own. Their music also seems to use a heavy amount of syncopation in the various beats for their songs. Their music has also been known to use keyboards and bass guitars on numerous occasions.

More clips: D.A.N.C.E., DVNO, Phantom pt. 2, One minute to midnight, Genesis, Let There Be Light.

Links: Justice MySpage Page, Ed Banger Records My Space Page.


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3 Responses to “Justice – Stress (the controversed video clip)”

  1. Armand Says:

    I like the video 😀

  2. Radu Says:

    Cool video … either you love it or you hate it

  3. Heart Necklace Says:

    of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny *:,

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