Ravi Shankar/ Alla Rakha/ Tabla Beat Science/ Talvin Singh/ Karsh Kale/ Thievery Corporation


Sitar Jam by Ravi Shankar:

Ravi Shankar is a Bengali musician, born in 1920 in British India, best known for his virtuosity on the sitar. He is the leading Indian musician of the modern era.

Rag Charukeshi by Alla Rakha and Ravi Shankar:

Ustad Alla Rakha (1919 – 2000) was a master of the tabla, a classical Hindustani percussion instrument. He is considered one of the greatest tabla players of the 20th century.

Tabla Beat Science:

Tabla Beat Science is a musical group founded in 1999. Its style consists of a mixture of Hindustani music, Asian Underground, Ambient, Drum and Bass, and Electronica.

Devotion by Talvin Singh:

Talvin Singh, born in 1970 in London, is a classically trained tabla player, music producer and DJ, fusing indian classical music elements with futuristic and profound drum n bass. He is generally considered to be the father of asian underground music. Thanks to his efforts, and others like him, asian fusion is today a diverse genre with numerous sub-genres. Talvin Singh is also a member of Tabla Beat Science.

Milan by Karsh Kale:

Karsh Kale is creating a unique blend of Indian percussion with techno music and drum & bass. Kale’s compositions are often strident, loud, and dense with energy; heavy on the percussion and more instrumental than vocal. Kale is also a member of Tabla Beat Science.

Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation:

Thievery Corporation is a duo formed in the summer of 1995 in Washington, D.C. They borrow from the classically sensual and blunted sounds of their favorite Brazilian bossa nova, Jamaican dub reggae, vintage film soundtracks, and psychedelic rock to forge into new sonic territory.


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