I discovered them on Last.fm, almost 2 years ago, and now they are number one in my top played artists there.

When I listen to their music I feel like they aree my brothers and they sing about my home and I start to feel like missing it… maybe somewhere in Russia, even if I’ve never been there.

Songs: Telema, Bosonova Karen, Jelem (Romany anthem), Sare Patria, Shel Me Versty, Cherry Tree, Good Day, Gypsies, Gambrinus, The Angel Takes Off.

The name of the band came from Loyko Zabar, a famous 19th century gypsy.

Loyko was established in 1990, originally as a duet. During the existance of the band, many high-class musiciants played in it, each one influed the development of the music style of Loyko. In all the times the gypsy music from Russia was the base of the style of the band. Frequent tours, uninterrupting communication on concerts and fesivals gave Loyko many ideas from Celtic, traditional Romanian and Hungarian and classic music. The new variant of Loyko, in which is a result of a long evolution of the band, musiciants creates new compositions by themselves, using all the experience of the band. The main direction of the work of a new Loyko is writing they own compositions.





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